OPL2 FM Synth Module, part 2 – Prototype

I wrote earlier about a new eurorack synth module I’m working on. I left off having made a test bed that made some sort of sound but wasn’t integrated with the synth. This weekend, I built out the test bed to a full prototype and really got to take it for a spin. Guess what? It’s awesome.

Lets start by talking about what I finally decided to choose as an interface. This part is probably the most insightful design choice of the whole project. Earlier, I realized that I didn’t need to worry about the envelope generators on the YM3812 and that I’d simply patch those in from traditional (and more versatile) eurorack modules. That leaves far less analog parameters:

  • Operator 1 multiplier
  • Operator 1 feedback
  • Operator 1 amplitude
  • Operator 1+2 pitch
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